Both physical therapy and yoga instruction should be a place to explore your body's deepest potential for healing. The prerequisite for beginning is to simply show up. Come as you are.


 FulBeing Physical Therapy's Mission:

  • Provide a different style and caliber of physical therapy to all individuals regardless of age, gender, race, religion, and ability level

  • See, hear, and address each individual as a whole being, beyond the physical. I make the most effort to understand each person’s subjective experience, use clinical expertise to gather objective information, and realize that both will contribute to patient outcomes.

  • Utilize physical therapy modalities such as manual therapy, corrective therapeutic exercise, neurological re-education, and more to facilitate healing of the body. I omit modalities that tend to be time and space fillers. I compliment PT tools with alternative ones such as yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation, to facilitate healing beyond the physical.

  • Educate and empower each person to participate fully in their own healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between you and other physical therapists?

Firstly, I have done (and continue doing) an extensive amount of work exploring my own body's capabilities and limitations. One's own experience is the best teacher. All of my work with patients and students comes from a deeply spiritual place, as we are all full, integrated beings beyond the physical. The entirety of each session is spent one-on-one with me. There is no staff, no machines, no waiting. Each session has some component of hands-on work, active movement of the patient, and relaxation/breath awareness. Please inquire for further discussion.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not participate with insurance plans. I operate under the concierge model of Physical Therapy, also known as fee-for-service, or out-of-pocket model, and there is conscious reasoning for this. The entirety of my working energy is spent on my patients and moving toward their highest good. Any restrictions or limitations that third party payers normally place on therapy is not an issue. I usually recommend one treatment session per week, as opposed to the standard three at other outpatient PT clinics. My patients end up spending a similar amount of money on one quality session per week, rather than three copayments per week. They are also much more likely to carry through their home program and fully participate in their own healing and progress. You WILL receive what you pay for. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or to further discuss this topic.

What treatment techniques do you utilize most?

  • Trigger Point Release for muscular pain/dysfunction
  • Myofascial Release for myofascial pain/dysfunction
  • Yoga postures for any imbalance
  • Thai Yoga Massage for increasing joint range of motion, soothing the nervous system, and addressing overall integration of all bodily and energy systems
  • Breath work/mindfulness for everything ;)


Samantha Fulton

My full name is Samantha Fulton, and I work as a Physical Therapist and a yoga/movement teacher. I am also a wife and mother of two. My children are my greatest teachers these days. I am honest and hard-working and sensitive and bursting with love to give. Everything you see on this site is part of who I am personally and professionally. All of the people in these photos are patients, students, and friends of mine. I develop real and lasting relationships with those I work with. 

After I graduated from Quinnipiac University with a Masters Degree in PT, I traveled the country working in many different settings, from post-surgical acute care, to neurological rehab, to outpatient orthopedics, to pediatrics. What I began to notice more and more was that in most settings, therapy itself becomes institutionalized, and highly managed by third party payers. I felt increasingly more restricted in how I could serve my patients and the community. Out of that recurrent theme came the birth of I AM SAM Yoga and eventually FulBeing Physical Therapy. My offerings continue to evolve over time, and are very much informed by the clientele who are drawn to me. Over the past two years, I have worked frequently with new and expecting mothers, as well as people with chronic pain/conditions.

People and their energy are what inspires me. I have strong faith in consistent practice, education, and active participation in one's own healing process. I am so grateful and humbled by all of my students and patients, who have taught me more than I will ever teach them. I am extremely grateful to all of my teachers, both of yoga and physical therapy, who have given me the tools in my belt to uncover each individual's own capacity for healing. My quest is to settle into balance and peace in my own life, and shine a light on others' ability to do the same, one teeny step at a time. Come and meet me!

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