I dont think a written testimonial could convey what Samantha’s prenatal sessions have done for me - emotionally, physically, and spiritually - but I will try my best. 


I started taking prenatal classes with Sam while her space was still in her home. It was me and 3 other women - all at different stages of pregnancy. Sam’s abundant knowledge allowed her to customize a practice for each women depending on her body, where she was in her pregnancy, and her emotional needs. 

Alyssa Scalora

Owner/Operator of Alma Yoga 

Five months into my physical healing from colon cancer, I met Sam. 

To say that I had been through the most traumatic, life changing event of my life is an understatement...I sought therapeutic Yoga with her as recommended...We started from the very basics of HOW to breathe. We have covered these basics to empowerment of the mind and spirit. Knowledge and mantras that have been healing to my soul, my journey. It’s imperative for me to acknowledge Sam not just with her incredible knowledge as a Yogini and as a physical therapist, but her spirit as a human.

Ani N.

I initially started working with Sam when I was about 20 weeks pregnant...Yoga with Sam, combined with her innate understanding of anatomy because of her degree in physical therapy, helped me immensely throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.  I went from feeling sore and achy (back, neck, etc), to feeling strong and little to no soreness.

Dr. Kelly Walters

Sam not only helped me, but also to helped me to help myself. I felt that she was personally invested in my treatment and actual outcome.  Sam has taught me skills to make the most of my situation and I use them every day.


Bob H.

Physical Therapy Body Healing with Movement
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