Moving Intuitively vs. Following Directions

Anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt? Rounded spine or flat back? Shoulders back and down or apart and forward? Hips stay square for twists or allowed to shift? Feet pointed or flexed? Squeeze your glutes or don't in backbends? Elbows/knees completely straight or microbend? My own journey as both a student and teacher between all of these either/ors has been quite interesting throughout the years. Are you someone who needs to be told what to do and likes to follow specific instructions? I was for sure...I'd like to think I'm working my way out of that trap, and trusting my own experiential knowledge more and more. In PT school, I wanted to categorize everything for easier memorization to pass tests. I looked for acronyms to organize everything. One of the most noticeable differences in the PT I was when I graduated and what I do now is: there is no either/or. There is no this versus this. It's both. It depends. There's no one right way. No answer. See about it for yourself. Taste and feel and see.

See about what creates balance. What is your tendency or preference or default? Is that of service to your goals or intentions? Then see about slowly, subtly, mindfully making changes to bring about balance. Is there pain, blockage, discomfort, other sensations that contribute to these patterns? There could be any number of physical, emotional (or any systemic) reasons why this sense of dis-ease is present. And the right professional may offer tools to work with these imbalances, as you may find it difficult to dive into these questions alone. Intelligent and well-practiced yoga/movement teachers, therapists, and professionals without agenda, without expectation, can be of great help in this.

The yoga practice, and the other various modalities that I use with clients, are tools. People need time, space for exploration, and facilitation to learn to use those tools effectively. These tools are not like the ones in your shed or garage. You don't use them like this. The movement is not used in just one way--you put this here, and turn it this way, and then it's fixed. There's no fixing. It's all a curious journey, an exploration. One that is never the same for any two people. Each of our own dis-eases in the body have important messages inside. It is up to us to see these as gifts, accept them as something to communicate with, and take responsibility for.

There is a major difference between --going to outpatient physical therapy, being given exercises to do- like this- or going to a pain doctor and being told to take this pill, sleep like this, avoid that-- and actually making a conscious choice to be an active participant in your own healing. No teacher or therapist or doctor or method "makes" anyone better. We can offer information based on our education, and guidance based on our own experience, but it ultimately has no frame of reference if the recipient is reaching for anything and everything. If the recipient is not doing their own work. Any teacher who claims to heal or fix or uses language of control--steer clear. Be very weary of that attitude in anyone, and maintain accountability for each and every step of your process. Moving intuitively doesn't just mean physically (although I do mean physically also!), but within your life and decision making about all things. Taking time and space for your own experiences, research, and introspection is so very valuable. It makes whatever external information you receive from professionals much more applicable (or NOT) to you. YOU are the key to your own healing. When you unlock the current of balance and wellness, the right helpers come to you in various forms. Don't just follow instructions, move intuitively!

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