Follow-Up: Hip Openers for Back Pain

These postures are particularly for back pain caused by arthritis. It may be appropriate for addressing back pain caused by others pathologies, however it would not be beneficial for certain other pathologies. If you have not read the previous blog, called Back Pain Caused by Arthritis, check it out! This is a follow-up post, with more information on how yoga can help, specifically addressing the hips. I'll mention that not only stretching certain hip musculature is beneficial, but strengthening as well. This post will focus on the joint mobility and muscular flexibility side of the coin, but I will eventually add a post on strengthening.

1. Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana)

Set-up: start in all four's (hands and knees). Bring your right knee up to your right wrist. Move your right foot forward, in front of your left knee. I know, it sounds like Twister. Hang in there with me. Scoot the left leg all the way back until you feel sensation in the right hip, perhaps the inner thighs. Then walk the hands forward, leaning the torso over the right leg. You can either rest on your forearms or all the way down with the arms extended. Switch sides!

Tips: You want to keep the hips square, meaning, if the front hip points had headlights on them, they'd both be facing forward, instead of steering to the left. If your hips are very far from the floor, you might place a rolled up blanket, towel, block, or bolster under the right hip for support. If you have a knee injury, this may be uncomfortable. If there is knee pain, you'll want to definitely support the right hip with one of the above mentioned props, take the right foot further forward on the mat, and FLEX it. This is the opposite of point. Not only flex it, but pull the pinky toe side of the foot up toward the knee. Does that make sense?? If not, message me!

2. Legs Up The Wall, additions (Vipparita Kurani)

See my previous post on Back Pain caused by Arthritis for the initial set-up. Once there, you can do several things with the legs that feel AH-MAZE-ING!!!! See photos, they are pretty self explanatory.

3. Wind-removing Pose: Supine Knee to Chest (Apanasana)

Super basic, super easy, super delish. Lay on your back, draw one knee into the chest. If the knee or hip is tight, and it is difficult to reach in front of the shin to hold, you can grab behind the thigh, or use a strap. You can play with the angle, rotating the knee side to side, or circling the knee. Switch sides when you're ready!

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