Patients Receive:


75 minute Initial Evaluation

60 minute one-on-one Treatment Sessions 

Home Self-Care Program 


Initial Consultation to set goals,

Program Development to include:

  • movement program to address goals

  • therapeutic self treatment

  • home program

  • guided meditation/breath


**currently on hold due to COVID**

  • 60-75 minute classes, in 4, 6, or 8 week series

  • therapeutics, pelvic floor, chronic pain, & more

  • see below for details on pre/postpartum classes


  • Tailored Programs for New and Expectant Moms Including: 

    • Breath Re-Education

    • Pelvic Floor Awareness & Strength

    • Yoga Postures

    • Bodywork


Small Group Classes: all offered in 6 or 8 week series, year round. Contact Samantha for dates & pricing. All classes have a strong education component, as well as provide an environment where mothers feel safe, supported, and connected to one another. 

Pre-Natal Yoga - Curriculum includes:

True diaphragmatic breathing 

Pelvic floor contraction AND relaxation for strength/awareness 

Pelvic tilt/positioning for posture, support of baby, and reduction in pain 

Transverse abdominus (deep abdominal) awareness and strength 

The squat position and when/how to use it 

Pelvic/hip mobility- rhythmic and circular movements to address pain, optimal position of baby, prevent/address back labor, and as a tool for labor/delivery 

Breathwork as a tool for spinal stabilization, stress reduction and labor/delivery 

Visualization/affirmations as preparation for motherhood, and as tools for labor/delivery 

“The 4th Trimester”- Mom & Baby class (targeted for 2 to 12 weeks PP, but all are welcome at any phase), 4 students max. Curriculum includes:

An approach that honors the healing body during the first 3 months PP

True diaphragmatic breathing 

Relaxation/stress reduction techniques

Pelvic floor contraction AND relaxation (coordination) for strength/awareness

Postural alignment during standing and sitting/holding baby

Lifting/movement techniques for safe negotiation of baby, car seat, etc.

Deep Abdominal awareness 

Returning safely and appropriately to other forms of exercise 


“Momma Strength”- Mom (at least 12 weeks PP but moms at any phase welcome) & Baby class (babies welcome from 12 weeks to 1 year) 
Curriculum includes: 

Diaphragmatic breath as the foundation for all movement 

Posture and lifting techniques

Functional movement and muscular strengthening

Returning safely and appropriately to other forms of exercise

Online Offerings:
The 4th Trimester Series

This online offering is an 8-part video series for post partum women. While it is geared toward those who are 0-12 weeks, women in any phase of their post partum journey can benefit. For more information, or to purchase this series, use the link below.

Physical Therapy Body Healing with Movement
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