Alyssa Scalora

I dont think a written testimonial could convey what Samantha’s prenatal sessions have done for me - emotionally, physically, and spiritually - but I will try my best. 


I started taking prenatal classes with Sam while her space was still in her home. It was me and 3 other women - all at different stages of pregnancy. Sam’s abundant knowledge allowed her to customize a practice for each women depending on her body, where she was in her pregnancy, and her emotional needs. 


Not only did we learn yoga poses and were educated on why they were beneficial for an expectant mother, but we also learned breathing techniques, what to expect on the big day, and I even had the chance to bring my husband in to teach him a thing or two. Those moments with him were by far my favorite part. We connected on such a deep level and come that day in the hospital, he utilized the tools that Samantha had given him to make me more comfortable during labor. 

What Samantha had given me to get through my pregnancy and labor were invaluable and I can’t thank her enough. I fell more in love with her and knew that she would be a part of our lives no matter the journey. She went on to become my son’s first yoga instructor and my own personal guru and life saver. Samantha means the world to me and I am blessed to call her my friend. 


Mike, Robbie, and I can’t thank her enough for all of her love, support, and guidance.


 If you have the chance to join this program, please don’t hesitate. It will forever change your life.

Ani N.

Five months into my physical healing from colon cancer, I met Sam. 

To say that I had been through the most traumatic, life changing event of my life is an understatement. I was one of the lucky to survive this devastating diagnosis with a Stage 2b. I was in major healing with my digestive system after having 1/3 of my colon and part of my small intestine removed with the cancer.

As a new cancer survivor, I felt a profound appreciation for life, love, and what’s truly the most significant in my life.  Cancer had changed me to the core, to my soul.  However and naturally, I was overwhelmed with so many emotions.  Psychologically — mentally, emotionally, socially— how can I heal?  How can I find a balance in life after surviving cancer? How can I maintain this focus on the positive of my life now? How can I maintain and gain more emotional and mental strength? I had just started my survivorship journey.  I would need these elements for positive outcomes over the next 5 years as I needed monitoring by my doctors with visits and tests every 3 months.

We are back to meeting Sam at that time.  For the first time in my life, I sought therapeutic Yoga with her as recommended through a mutual friend.  As a nurse, I am aware of other medical avenues for cancer support & therapy. However, foremost I am a soulful, feeling

artist and I needed that which connected with my soul.  She has been an invaluable key in my psychological healing journey.  My therapeutic Yoga sessions with Sam have been about coming to terms with my life after cancer, facing and acknowledging my new anxiety and fears, and yet maintaining and searching for balance, positivity, and coping skills.

That’s not even easy to say, much less to do. We started from the very basics of HOW to breathe.  I thought to myself after each session, even as a nurse, I had not learned how to breathe until this point to get our oxygen, air into various parts of our body and mind over it for an amazing, healing, relaxing effect. We have covered from these basics to empowerment of the mind and spirit. Knowledge and mantras that have been healing to my soul, my journey. It’s imperative for me to acknowledge Sam not just with her incredible knowledge as a Yogini and as a physical therapist, but her spirit as a human.  This incredible warm, empathetic, genuine, balanced being that speaks loudly with her soul. Truly living Yoga, truly embracing and passing these healing teachings to help others, to help me.

I just made my one-year of survivorship.  I am ever so grateful to have met Sam and carry on with more empowerment and focus.  I am learning.  Namaste.

Dr. Kelly Walters 

I initially started working with Sam when I was about 20 weeks pregnant.  I had been very sick in the beginning of my pregnancy, along with some minor complications that had me very wary to work out too much or push my body too hard.  Because of this, I was in a bit of a rut, feeling sore from my growing/changing body and lack of physical activity.  Working with Sam changed all of that.  I began building strength and gained confidence in finding a balance both honoring and challenging my physical body. 

Yoga with Sam, combined with her innate understanding of anatomy because of her degree in physical therapy, helped me immensely throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.  I went from feeling sore and achy (back, neck, etc), to feeling strong and little to no soreness.  I worked up until the day before I delivered my baby and felt good the whole time.  But my physical body was not the only one to benefit from working with her.

Yoga, and in particular yoga with Sam, helped me emotionally and mentally as I prepared for one of the biggest changes in my life, having my first child! 


Now that I am a new mommy, I have continued to work with Sam, and I have my post-baby body doing things that my pre-baby body would not have dreamed of (think headstands and working my way to handstands!)

Sam is truly a unique individual.  She cares so much about what she does, and she is the best at it.  I really feel that coming from a background of physical therapy, along with her expertise in yoga, she is able to treat the body in a way that no one else can. Since I have been working with Sam, I have not had any of the neck or back pain I used to.  I feel balanced and strong, both inside and out.  I feel so fortunate to have met Sam and have her in my life!   

Bob H.

I was a client of Sam’s for over a year due to a genetic / chronic medical condition I have and she provided both physical therapy and therapeutic yoga services for me Throughout that period of time I have developed not only a deep trust in her abilities , but also an immense respect and appreciation for her kindness, patience and depth of knowledge.

I was constantly impressed by her communication skills and ability to modify her work plan instantaneously when the initial approach didn’t seem optimal for my ability on a given day.


 She  was constantly willing and able to change her treatment mid-course to provide for the best possible outcome.

Sam not only helped me, but also to helped me to help myself. I felt that she was personally invested in my treatment and actual outcome.  Sam has taught me skills to make the most of my situation and I use them every day.  Had I not moved out of the area, I would continue to seek Sam’s help.

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