May 29, 2020

Hello My Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy. We are in a time of transition, with continued elements of uncertainty. However, I am delivering a glimmer of good news in this post! 

As of June 1, 2020, I will be re-opening the office—SLOWLY. This means that a select number of appointment times will be open to patients who’s needs cannot be met fully virtually. Virtual offerings will continue on for as long as they need to, in order to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. 

Guidelines for in person visits are:

  1. ...

February 12, 2019

Anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt? Rounded spine or flat back? Shoulders back and down or apart and forward? Hips stay square for twists or allowed to shift? Feet pointed or flexed? Squeeze your glutes or don't in backbends? Elbows/knees completely straight or microbend? My own journey as both a student and teacher between all of these either/ors has been quite interesting throughout the years. Are you someone who needs to be told what to do and likes to follow specific instructions? I was for sure...I'd like to think I'm working my w...

February 12, 2019

That word is so loaded. It has much poignancy in my life, and I'm sure in others'. 'Enough', 'successful', 'productive', etc. All those kinda words. Today, I found myself in a scenario that has happened a bunch of times throughout the years...I rearranged my work day to be at home, stuck to the couch with a feverish, sleepy little kiddo. It's pretty easy to feel inconvenienced by this, with running my own business and all. How I reacted in the past was to mentally hem and haw about how I could make up for this "lost" time. About what I 'should' b...

January 4, 2018

Happy New Year to all! Over the holiday season, my aunt, who is a talented musician and dancer, introduced me to a dance called “The Shim-Sham”. It was so much fun to learn and practice, and it is typically done to a song by Jimmy Lunceford called, “‘Taint What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It)”. The melody and words are super catchy, and it has had me singing along ever since I first heard it. I think there is more to just the catchy tune, though, it’s the sentiment behind the words.

Have you ever looked forward to a big holiday or big event l...

June 15, 2017

These postures are particularly for back pain caused by arthritis. It may be appropriate for addressing back pain caused by others pathologies, however it would not be beneficial for certain other pathologies. If you have not read the previous blog, called Back Pain Caused by Arthritis, check it out! This is a follow-up post, with more information on how yoga can help, specifically addressing the hips. I'll mention that not only stretching certain hip musculature is beneficial, but strengthening as well. This post will focus on the joint mobility...

I am so excited to add a class to my teaching schedule, at Allsport's Elevate Yoga & Barre Studio. This is perfect for a those with some familiarity with yoga, or even those with minimal experience but a desire to get in deeper touch with the body. Rooted in physical safety and alignment, this class will bring attention to subtleties in postures, and bring new sensations to different parts of the body. This class has a healthy combination of free flowing movement for exploration and individual freedom, and long holds to settle in. Slower paced th...

Have you been given a generic diagnosis of "arthritis" as a cause of your low back pain? Many clients I see tell me they have arthritis, but very few have a good understanding of not only the pathology, but also any type of treatment. Often times at a doctor's office there is not enough time or a welcoming vibe to ask more questions. What does that mean exactly? What can I do to address it (besides pop pills)? Can it improve? So first, a brief explanation on what that means:

Osteoarthritis (osteo=bone, arth=joint, itis=inf...

I am so excited to be leading a few of nOMad Always at Om's hike and yoga sessions, part of a series from now through October. My first one is this Friday! For further details, scroll below or click here. Don't miss it!

What: Moderate hike & mountain meditation

Where: Mount Beacon, Beacon NY

When: Friday, June 9th, 9:30 AM (meet in parking lot)

How: sign up HERE!

Enjoy a physically challenging hike to the top of Mount Beacon with an awesome group of like-minded people. Moving with a group is entirely different than hiking by yourself. Not to wo...

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